Server shuffles!

Over the last month we've been running in our latest servers and are now moving sites and functions to these new boxes. We don't anticipate any major issues.

Many of our older, legacy services have been limping by on their original hardware which is now getting pretty old and slow by todays standards. Especially things like the weather server, lightning-tracking, service and performance graphing and statistics etc. Over the last couple of weeks we have been migrating some functions to these new servers. Generally, visitors will not notice anything, regular users will notice things running faster, and the observant will have picked up on a few new features (like weather archives).

In a few cases, there may be short periods where some data will be unavailable while services are migrated however generally we're duplicating the function on the new server, making sure everything runs properly and then switching over.

If you do notice things not working, please check back in an hour. If they still are not working, please email us through the support@ email address, or phone our office on 02-6040-3000 during business hours.

(Published on 14-Jun-2008 12:59 by RossW, read 1353 times)
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