Problems checking mail from other providers?

As a result of a recent security threat against ALI customers, we have re-introduced several paranoid security settings, causing some customers of other ISPs problems collecting mail from our servers.

Firstly, this is NOT a problem with A.L.I. - we are merely enforcing basic DNS requirements from providers, in line with industry best practice.

This is not really optional, and rfc1912 quite clearly spells out the requirements in section 2.1. We are now rejecting connections from anyone who fails this very basic test.

This is being done in direct response to recent brute-force attacks via the POP3 port, attempting to discover valid users names (perhaps to spam them), to attempt to brute-force passwords (perhaps to use their account and/or to steal personal information - identity theft, fraud, commercial advantage etc)

If you are affected by this, please do not ask us to bypass this security as we will not. You may dial in to us directly using our national access number and the problem will not exist. You can take it up with your ISP (refer them to this page). If your ISP will not fix it, you can take it up with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman on Melbourne 03-8600-8700 or 1800-062-058

(Published on 06-Mar-2008 16:31 by RossW, read 1694 times)
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