Who wants ADSL??

In a time when ADSL is the buzzword, and everyone seems to think it's the magic answer, the cure-all, the only offering beyond modems, emerges a real, viable answer!

Way back in 1996, Albury Local Internet started to deploy Microwave radio links as a fast, cost-effective option for delivery of data. After an initial period of testing, we had a few customers using the technology, and it was without a doubt, a "good thing" [tm]! At last, speeds that modem users could only dream of, a complete nonreliance on telstra phone lines, always-on internet with NO logon delays, no bottlenecks and a real service level where our original sites have experienced 7 years of continuous up-time without any interruption or downtime was finally upon us.

Alas, as with so much these days, changes in legislation saw our original network reclassified as "illegal" except where there was no third party traffic, and we chose to tear down the network rather than operate illegally. As a result, none of ALIs customers have been able to benefit from this technology for over half a decade - all because some legislative changes meant we had to spend over $100,000 on a special license.

Recently, we have secured a license, and are in the late testing stages of a completely re-engineered network, which will offer even better performance, a real QoS, scalable infrastructure that can grow as your needs do, that is legal and actually works!

Before you go and sign up for a contract with ANYONE offering ADSL, hold off. Check with us, we should be able to offer this to you very shortly. Also, be very wary of people offering you microwave solutions - so far, we know of no less than 12 companies doing it here in the border, yet it seems only one of them is doing it legally! Do you REALLY want infrastructure or a provider who may not be here if the authorities choose to "shut them down"? Do you want to be legally responsible for operating (and perhaps owning) a network unit in direct breach of the law, and all the penalties that implies?

Contact us when you're ready for a real, working, properly engineered and licensed solution from someone whos been in the Internet industry in this area since 1995. Talk to Albury Local Internet.

(Published on 09-Sep-2002 19:55 by RossW, read 1809 times)
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