Scheduled outage for Corryong area.

We have been advised that TXU will be disrupting power to a large area east of Tallangatta.

TXU has critical line maintenance to be done, and will be "pulling the plug" on pretty much the whole area east of Tallangatta from 9am on August 4th, through to 3pm that day.

TXU have said that they will not be providing any alternate power for anyone during that time, and as we cannot afford to hire a suitable genset for the Corryong site, and as its UPS will not last the whole 7 hours, we will be shutting down the site shortly after 9am on Sunday, August 4th. The site should resume operation shortly after power is restored.

Any complaints, please refer to TXU as this is outside our control.

*** Update: Auxilary Power to our Corryong POP is being provided/donated by RTR94.9FM and as such, we are expecting full service to be maintained throughout this power outage.

(Published on 19-Jul-2002 12:13 by RossW, read 1283 times)
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