Win32.Badtrans goes to town....

Recently, the Win32.Badtrans worm/virus has been causing increasing problems for microsoft windows users. While we have been advising affected users, we have now modified our mail server to reject mail infected by this family of "virus".

Anyone using Windows SHOULD be using a good virus scanner, and it is ESSENTIAL that it be kept up to date. A virus scanner that is out of date is worse than no scanner - you, as the user, are perhaps lulled into a false sense of security thinking you are protected, when you are not.

As a service to our customers, we are selling copies of VET NETSURFER ANTIVIRUS at a discount price from both our Lavington and Merimbula offices.

(Published on 29-Nov-2001 11:51 by RossW, read 1175 times)
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