Users confidential details not compromised.

Following the front-page story in Mondays Border Morning Mail which detailed serious security breaches within another local ISPs accounting system, Albury Local Internet would like to assure all our customers that no such problems or breaches have ever occurred here since we started operation in early 1995.

"Albury Local Internet has always taken great pains to keep clients material secure, sometimes to the point of frustration for customers who have been unable to adequately prove their identity" says manager Ross Wheeler. "We have never had a mechanism for customers to be able to view their card details on-line".

ALI accounts do not include customers credit card details either - for just this reason. All credit card information flow is in one direction: from the customer to us. Even in the unlikely event that someone were able to access our accounting data, no card information would ever be available - and we use a completely different authentication system for our accounts information than that which the compromised ISP uses.

(Published on 08-Oct-2001 16:33 by RossW, read 1149 times)
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